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Hey hey! I'm the weirdo, who's to blame for the existence of "Pretty Boy and Fishy Girl"!
My name is Stefan Billy, I'm a 2d artist and this Manga is a little side project, that I have started. As you can see, it is, at least for now, a sub page of my actual homepage, that you should visit as well, in case you haven't already!

Why I started "Pretty Boy and Fishy Girl":

A while ago, when I was something like sober, a thought crossed my mind: "What would be the physical, human incarnation of 4chans content?" And that's how I came up with "Fishy Girl". A girl, which is very sexy and disgusting at the same time, who doesn't care what others think, but doesn't think too much anyways. She does things just to troll, for the lulz, or out experimental curiosity, and everything she says has tons of typing- and grammar mistakes. The more I thought about it, the more the idea grew on me. Eventually, I decided to start drawing.

My terrible humor:

When I first presented "Pretty Boy and Fishy Girl" to my friends, I received very mixed reactions. Some loved it, and some... well, just didn't get it. And that's pretty much the whole point. I love seeing the face of someone who is desperately trying to comprehend something, that wasn't supposed to make any sense in the first place, other than provoking that very type of reaction. Obviously, "Pretty Boy" is the character, who represents this type of individual, whereas "Fishy Girl" does the weird, dumb stuff, to provoke his reactions. Eventually, you could wrap it up as "trolling" :P.

Why I'm not planning on translating into different languages:

One of the most important traits of "Fishy Girl" is her terribly bad english. The way she talks doesn't really make a lot of sense, considering how her spoken word has typos and wrong context - as long as it sounds about right (which means, you wouldn't notice if you actually heard her talking, other than maybe some weird accent every now and then). Of course, this adds a lot of different meanings to her sentence - something that isn't possible to recreate in other languages, unless either some great sacrifices are being made, or the context is changed, in order to make it work with the respective language. Therefore, it'd be very time consuming for me to do so, for the languages I speak. For all the other languages, I'd have to give up control, and hope that the person who translates, is a master artisan of dumb - speech.

Why there isn't any consistency in updates:

For now, because I just started this project. However, I understand that it's very hard to follow my work for updates if you don't know when and how they come, so I will think of a convenient method of notifying you guys whenever a new chapter is being released.

If you want to work with me:

Feel free to contact me (contact(at)stefanbilly.com). However, please keep in mind that I need to make a living off my work, nothing is for free these days!